Casino GamesBetblocker has recently been launched, which can block your access to thousands of casinos for free. The most important thing here is that it’s all free, and the developer isn’t going to make money from advertising or anything else. So, you won’t be bombarded with all kinds of garbage. The site where you can download the app is Sponsored by a dispute resolution resource. It is said that they have been receiving a lot of complaints about responsible gambling and self-exclusion, and are well aware of the terrible consequences of cheating. So they decided to allocate money to develop and support the app. In this way, the customer will not be able to enter the new instant withdrawal casino

This wasn’t the first such app, but all the previous ones charged a fee. Users had to choose different rates, where they limited how many people could use the program and how many devices it would be available on. All of these restrictions do not apply in the case of Betblocker. The punter can install it on as many devices as he wants and use it indefinitely. On this topic Compensation for layoffs as a source of income Total at the moment blocking is possible for more than 39,000 casinos. The program has two functions – gambling blocking and parental control. In Dama NV casino (more about which you can learn here – this would work too. If you choose casino blocking, you are offered to block more than 2,000 sites about gambling. You can also manually enter the sites to which you want to close your access. 

Blocking is possible for a period of 24 hours to infinity. And if you have activated it, remove it before the deadline comes out it is impossible. According to the creators, even after the removal of the program you will not be able to go to the casino sites. This is done on purpose, so that addicts being in an inadequate state, could not play. Starting with two months of self-exclusion, the blocking is not removed automatically. User will have to deactivate it and wait 7 days until access is opened.