3 Cards Poker Three card poker online is a fairly young gambling game that casinos began to offer more recently. However, she already has a lot of fans, and their number is constantly increasing. So, how to choose the most profitable three-card poker, what strategy to follow during the game, how to avoid the most dangerous mistakes, and so on.

How is the game going

3 Cards PokerThe game is played at a semicircular gambling table where you can see the inscription “Three Card Poker” and 3 boxes for each player’s bets. All players play against the casino. As many players can participate in the game as there are allocated areas for betting.

Players make one of two or two different bets at once. The dealer deals 3 cards to each player and himself. One of the players’ bets immediately wins or loses. Another bet may be doubled. Then the cards of the players and the dealer are opened, and depending on their size, the dealer pays out the winnings or takes the chips lost by the players.

Rules of the three-card game. A deck containing 52 cards is used for the game. Cards are shuffled before the start of each new batch. Players are offered two different games. Players can make a bet in one of these games or play two games at once, while the two initial bets in different games may differ from each other in size.

Pair plus

The name of this game is connected with the payment of a win, which just starts with a couple. Before the cards are dealt, players place playing chips in a box marked with the word “Pairplus”. The dealer deals three cards to everyone and, depending on their size, immediately pays out the winnings or collects chips lost by the players. Dealer cards do not affect the payment of winnings in this game.

Ante & Play – Put and Play.

Before the cards are dealt, players make an initial bet ante – install playing chips in a box marked with the inscription “Ante”. The dealer deals 3 cards to everyone and 3 cards for himself/herself – puts them face down on the table. Players can make a bet – bet or refuse to continue the game – Fold. If a player does not have sufficiently strong cards, then he refuses to play, folds to the closed cards, and loses his ante initial bet. If a player decides to continue the game, he puts his cards in the “Bet” box and sets a bet on top of the – bet.

After the players have made all bets, the dealer opens his cards and compares them with the cards of the players. If the player’s cards are older than the dealer’s cards, the player wins. Otherwise, he loses all his bets – ante and bet. If the player’s card combination is similar to the dealer’s card combination, a draw is declared a push and all bets are returned to the player. The number of winnings can be different and depend on both the player’s cards and the dealer’s cards.

Three Card Poker Combinations

Three-card online poker play is a special kind of poker used in online casinos. The main difference from other types of poker online lies in the name itself. Players are dealt with 3 cards, in the course of the game other cards do not get, and the dealer does not reveal any of his cards.

It is this feature that determines the differences in the rules and combinations of three-card poker. We present to your attention the main hands, starting with the strongest:

  • Straight flush – three consecutive suited cards;
  • Three, set – three cards of the same rank;
  • Street – three consecutive cards;
  • Flash – three suited cards;
  • A pair is two cards of the same value;
  • A hand with one lady is minimal.

You may be surprised that the three are older than the straight, and the straight is above the flush. The seniority of hands was established taking into account the frequency of occurrence of combinations. Therefore, the layouts of the three cards are very different from 5-card ones.

6-5 Card Combination

Straight flush. Five consecutive cards of the same suit.

Four of a kind. Four cards of the same value and one additional card.

Full house. Three cards of the same value and two other cards of the same value.

Flash. Five cards of the same suit.

Straight. Five cards in order of precedence.

Two pairs. Two cards of the same value, two cards of another value, and one additional card.

Couple. Two cards of the same value and three other cards.

High card. Any combination that does not belong to the above categories.