Clients have the right to expect the same service and comfort from visiting a virtual casino as when visiting real gambling halls, and given the level of development of modern gambling sites, at some points, and much more. The Canadian audience has no doubts about online casinos with Instadebit – one of the most successful payment services in Canada.

How to use the payment system

The full functioning of the online casino site is impossible without connecting payment services, which provide an inflow of real money for the game from the players. The payment system acts as a financial intermediary between the game resource and the user, helping to transfer funds to the game balance, as well as withdraw the won prizes to the player’s correspondent accounts in banks and other financial institutions.

Instadebit international payment systems operate in every part of Canada where there is the internet, also the most popular top 10 online casinos always contains a lot of different payment system.. Transfers can be made in the currency of those countries that have permitted the payment system to work. Inside the services, there is an integrated exchange of some currencies for others, which simplifies the task of converting into popular monetary units. Players will not have to think about how to exchange local money for dollars or euros since not all casinos on the Internet support various national currencies – the payment system will solve this problem.

The system acts as an intermediary between the player and the owner of the casino. Often in this three-way chain, a fourth entity appears – a bank. In the case of making transfers directly to/from an electronic wallet, a link to a banking institution is not required.

Like any other intermediary, the online casino payment system takes a certain commission for its services. In return, the operator of the gambling business receives prompt execution of all transactions, trust from gamblers, and business partners.

As a rule, in Instadebit casino you can replenish your account from the payment system and withdraw your winnings to it.

But still, pay attention to the Instadebit withdrawal methods before making a deposit. Because there are gambling establishments that allow you to withdraw your winnings using the same method as the deposit.

To start using the services of this payment system, you need to go through a simple registration procedure.

Registration is free and does not take much time. You can make transfers immediately after Instadebit login registration, without having to wait for account activation or confirmation.

The wallet a customer opens with Instadebit is linked to a personal bank account with a Canadian financial institution.

Instadebit Canada overview

One of the advantages of a casino with Instadebit is that after a deposit is made, it can be used almost instantly, although real funds will be debited from the bank account a little later. This usually takes six to seven days. This alone justifies the casino’s partnership with Instadebit.

Also, the system does not charge the client a commission for its services – he or she pays only the percentage that the bank charges him.

Security guarantees

At Instadebit, a client can count on the prompt assistance of consultants on all issues at any time convenient for him. There are several communication methods for this:

  • in the telephone mode,
  • by email
  • or a special chat.

Instadebit does not require the personal data of the client to make transfers. The service guarantees the unconditional anonymity of transactions. To prevent fraudulent actions by third parties, a multi-layered security system is provided, consisting of careful identification of the person and the use of the 128-bit SSI protocol, which has established itself as a reliable data encryptor.