Jackport image Each player wants to win a big win. But only a few succeed. What was the biggest casino win? We offer you to find out the name of the lucky one, as well as other large gamers who managed to earn millions in gambling.

In this TOP are the largest players who have received big casino wins. They were helped by their strategy and, of course, luck. So, who became a millionaire with the help of a casino.

Archie Karas – $ 40,000,000 winnings

Who else can do that? Go to a Las Vegas gambling establishment with a $ 50 banknote, and go out with 40 million? Very interesting is the story that happened with Archie Karas, who won in the casino more than an impressive amount of money. In one of the Las Vegas casinos, he spent about $ 50 on the game, winning 10 thousand on them, and continued to play, breaking the jackpot equal to $ 40 million. However, luck did not accompany Archie for long – very soon he lost all his winnings, left with nothing. An example of this person is very instructive for all gamblers who do not know how to stop on time.

Peter – won $ 38 million in online casinos

What were the biggest winnings of online casinos? This is 38 million dollars. A guy named Peter, just lying on the couch, bet on the Internet on the Arabian Nights slot. This case is an excellent example of the fact that even in online casinos you can win more than decent money.

Elmer Sherwin – tore off 21 million dollars

This lucky man was able to disrupt more than one big casino win. Playing in the Megabucks slot, he won a progressive jackpot of $ 5 million. It happened in 1989. And in 2005, he again received the jackpot – $ 21 million, becoming a multi-millionaire. Even though the chance of getting a jackpot was 1 out of 5 million, Elmer smiled on luck, and he won the maximum possible amount.

Mike Ashley – Won $ 1.6 Million

This player got a big win at roulette. He sat down to play just for fun. He decided to attract a little more attention than he could provide the title of the owner of a football club, and to achieve this goal he chose a casino. And he fully succeeded – the gain after the first bet amounted to 1.6 million dollars, after receiving which he thanked the dealer and left. It is worth noting that a few years later, in 2011, Ashley lost 1 million pounds in a couple of hours of playing in a casino.

Charlie Wells – earned $ 1 million in casinos

Jackport imageThis player received a big win at Monte Carlo Casino. In 1892, Charlie played roulette, spinning it for 11 hours in a row. As a result, the amount of his profit amounted to 1 million dollars. After this incident, the player gained incredible fame, he even became a hero of songs, and received the nickname “the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo.”

All these lucky ones were not afraid to take risks, playing for money. Their story is an excellent confirmation that luck is sometimes smiling at those who are not afraid to take risks. However, do not lose your head and forget that luck is a very changeable thing, especially in gambling.